About us

On a daily basis, a human being will be in touch with an animal or animal product. Animals are special
beings. We love them, we live with them, we depend on them, and guest what, sometimes we eat
them! In fact, it is most of the times for most people that an animal will end up at the end of your fork!
There are other animals you are rarely in touch with, but when you do, you will be dancing inside with
excitement. Some will fill you with amusement. Some, you will empathize with; some will leave you in
wonder, while some others will scare you to death. Most of these animals are wild, living in parks and
forests and seas. They are being conserved for this special purpose, to have you amused. While all this is
true, there is one special person that has dedicated his life to the care and love of animals. When they are
sick, they hope to see him/her.
The Veterinary doctor lives for one special purpose: the health and wellbeing of an animal. He studies
Veterinary medicine, a science of diagnosing and treating diseases of animals. He listens to his silent
patients, and speaks with them. He is able to decipher their cry of pain when they crash their teeth, or
their groan of discomfort by just looking in their eyes. His commitment for their comfort makes him
work at night, and because they can’t speak in English – or any human language for that matter – he
spends sleepless nights studying to learn their language.
The Veterinary doctor practices a profession called Veterinary Medicine. It connects and preserves the
interactions between animals and people. It involves the art and the science of keeping both the human and animal worlds safe and balanced.

Now read on. Because that there, is what this site is all about.